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Day Tours with Glass Bottom Boats

Updated Tue 10 Jan 2023

Discover the Great Barrier Reef from a unique point of view! Glass bottom boats offer aerial perspectives of the glorious underwater wonderlands passing by below. Spectators can get a lay of the land (or sea), the whose-who and the what’s-what before immersing themselves into the sea-traffic of colourful tropical fish, reef sharks, turtles and rays. 

This is as up close and personal as you can get without getting wet! Glass bottom boats and semi-submersive tours are also great for groups of mixed swimmers and non-swimmers and families — there’s plenty of fun to be had on the boat while the divers and snorkellers explore the waters below. As this is such a fabulous and sought after feature on many reef adventures, we’ve compiled a list of trips with glass bottom opportunities.

Underwater shot of Great barrier reef

Compass Cruises

Glass Bottom Boat Tour: additional $15 per person

Hit the reefs with Compass Cruises for a day of snorkelling through Breaking Patches, Hastings Reef and Jorgenson Reef. A twenty-minute introductory dive is included in this day package, making it an excellent option for snorkellers wanting to find their feet (or flippers!) in scuba. For an additional $15 per person, add on a glass bottom boat tour!

Family sitting in semi-submersed glass bottom boat

Green Island Reef Cruise

Glass Bottom Boat Tour: additional $10 per person

Depart the mainland on a 35 metre PowerCat, destination: Green Island. Green Island rises up from a 6,000 year old coral cay and is the only cay on the Great Barrier Reef to be blessed with a lush green rainforest. Spend the day snorkelling and scubadiving the surrounding coral gardens, and enjoy a glass bottom boat tour for an additional $10 per person.

Family sitting in semi-submersed glass bottom boat

Great Adventures

Semi-submersive Tour: included

Cruise the waters on Great Adventures’ fully airconditioned catamaran with a unique spin on the glass bottom. The glass bottom feature of this boat is semi-submersive, meaning guests are lowered into a small keep which is submerged beneath the water! Peer through the windows and see eye-to-eye with the fish and reef life.

Boat passengers peering over divide into glass bottom

Ocean Freedom

Glass Bottom Boat Tour: included

Your glass bottom experience is included in the Ocean Freedom day tour. Ocean Freedom will take you to the outer edge of Upola Reef and Cay. The blend of snorkel and scuba action as well as the opportunity to get a sneak peak of the reef through the glass bottom makes this a great day trip for novice divers.

People snorkelling and diving on surface of water

Ocean Free

Glass Bottom Boat Tour: additional $16 per person

Feel the sun on your skin and sea breeze in your hair on this amazing and unmissable day trip that combines sailing, snorkelling and scuba! Spend the day exploring Green Island’s surrounding reefs and Pincale Reef. Throw in another $16 for an additional the glass bottom boat experience. 

People sitting around glass bottom boat window

Reef Magic: Marine World

Glass Bottom Boat: included in package

Semisubmersive Expereince: included in package

Both a glass bottom and a semi-submersive experience are included in Reef Magic’s day trip to the Great Barrier Reef. Learn about the history and biodiversity of the reef from your expert guides, snorkel with tropical fish, and grab yourself a refreshing beverage from the liscened bar on this 30 metre catamaran and watch the underwater world stream by beneath your feet. Reef Magic caters to both swimmers and non-swimmers, making it an ideal day trip for families with young children — the kids can watch you snorkel from the marine observatory!

External view of glass bottom boat

Reef Experience

Glass Bottom Boat Tour: included

Hit two pristine reefs sites on the Outer Reef for up to six hours of sundrenched fun. Suss out your snorkel and dive spots from the glass bottom with a presentation from an expert marine biologist before you make a splash. Enjoy a well-deserved glass of wine on your return journey!

Family of snorkellers


Glass Bottom Boat Tour: included 

Embark on a scenic journey to the Outer Reef as the fully-airconditioned SeaStar zooms by Green Island, Upolu Cay and Oyster Reef. Enjoy guided presentations on Michaelmas Cay and Hastings Reef's underwater ecosystems from the glass bottom boat tour included in SeaStar’s package. 

For any more tips and tricks to planning your aquatic adventures on the Great Barrier Reef, chat to our friendly travel staff who are available 24/7!

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