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Things To Do On Green Island

Green Island is a small resort island located 27km off the shores ofCairns and boasts a variety of activities to fill your days of relaxation and exploring. Whether you’re enjoying the island on a day trip from Cairns or are spending time on their 46-room resort, Green Island is a quaint oasis from which you can explore the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. With so much to do, Green Island is the perfect way to spend your next tropical escape.

Green Island has two amazing places that are snorkel friendly, one of which is on a patrolled beach, complete with beach chairs and lifeguards. You can walk right off the beach with your snorkel gear and explore all the beauty that lives inside the stunning and unique Great Barrier Reef. The island is surrounded with amazing marine life, where snorkellers can see Clownfish, stingrays, trevallies and sea turtles among so many other diverse marine creatures. The close reef means that you don't have to swim far to discover what lies beneath in the colourful underwater world. Amateur snorkellers or those travelling solo are advised to stay in the patrolled area, while those who are more confident in the water can venture on to the other parts of the island to discover what it has to offer.

Scuba diving
Both introductory and certified divers can enjoy scuba diving off the shores of Green Island, where a short boat ride will bring you to your dive site. While this is generally an additional cost to any tours you may book, it's a great way to explore the reefs around Green Island and an opportunity for experienced divers to explore a new part of the Great Barrier Reef. Dives usually last about 40 minutes, depending on air use, and all equipment is provided for you. Intro divers will be guided through a short demonstration and then taken down below for their first scuba experience!

Semi-submersible boat
For those who are less keen to jump in the water or for those who just want to experience something new, the semi-submersible boat is a truly unique experience. Guests will get to stay dry and get to see the reefs up close at the same time, making it perfect for non-swimmers or families with small children. While on the boat, you'll get to see the ocean floor from a diver's point of view as you are completely below the ocean's surface, cruising along the coral, fish and sea floor. See the reef and sea life up close, perhaps joining a turtle for a lazy swim along the bommies!

Glass-bottom boat
The glass-bottom boat is another alternative for those who don't want to miss out on seeing the reef but aren't a fan of snorkelling or diving. The boat will cruise over the coral and marine life below while your guide educates you on what you're seeing during an informative commentary, full of facts and information about the marine life on the reef. Check out sea turtles, unique coral formations, sea grass and thousands of species of fish, taking pictures and enjoying the ocean breeze. This is a great tour even for those who do snorkel as it gives you the chance to see the reef in a new way and appreciate its beauty with your family and friends.

Seawalking is the newest and coolest way to experience the ocean. It's a mix of scuba diving and a leisurely walk, where the walk takes place on the ocean floor! This easy activity requires no previous experience (scuba or otherwise) and is great for those who want a full-on reef experience but aren't swimmers or scuba divers. The best part is that you don't even have to know how to swim, just how to walk! During your tour, you’ll be surrounded by fish as you enjoy breathing fresh air from above. Your face and hair will stay completely dry and you can even keep your glasses on the whole time. This is usually an additional cost to most tours and packages and takes about 1 hour.

Marineland Melanesia
Marineland Melanesia is a small but mighty attraction on Green Island that is home to the world's largest captive crocodile, Cassius, who is said to be 110 years old and measures in at 5.48 metres long. While perhaps its most noted attraction, Marineland Melanesia is home to so much more than its resident celebrity. It is a croc-lovers paradise with dozens of crocodiles (and a few alligators) calling it their home, as well as a few sea turtles and a eclectic collection of art and antiques. That is to say, it is also home to the world's largest private collection of Melanesian tribal artifacts, which are proudly on display inside the park, creating a cool atmosphere as you explore and wander around. If you like unique, quirky and exotic, you’ll have to check out Marineland Melanesia.

Green Island has a lot to offer its visitors, including the perfect place to do absolutely nothing! If you want to relax, lay back and enjoy the art of sun baking, you can do just that on this quaint island. You can rent a beach chair for the day on the beautiful white beach, while your friends or family go off the play. Take a beach walk, enjoy a dip in the ocean or simply crack a book, lay back and take in the stunning serenity of Green Island.

Green Island also offers guests the use of its amenities, as well as restaurants, pools, shops, a spa and pathways perfect for exploring. You can also hire kayaks or canoes from the beach hut and continue your explorations of the Great Barrier Reef and surrounding reefs of Green Island.


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