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A Guide To Walshs Pyramid, Cairns

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Gabby Boucher
Updated Thu 06 Jul 2023

Walshs Pyramid, Cairns, is a unique natural wonder that attracts travellers, hikers, photographers, backpackers, and adventurers from all over Australia. If you're visiting Cairns or the Atherton Tablelands, or you're just road-tripping along Northern Queensland, consider adding Walshs Pyramid to your itinerary!

Most visitors to Walshs Pyramid embark on the challenging but rewarding hike to the summit. You get incredible views from the top, and you get an insane workout! But some travellers prefer to just drive by Walshs Pyramid to get some super cool photos of this picturesque mountain. Whether you want to go hiking, take some epic photos, or just enjoy a fun day trip from Cairns, here is everything you need to know about visiting Walshs Pyramid!

Hiking Walshs Pyramid

Where Is Walshs Pyramid, Cairns?

Walshs Pyramid is located just outside Cairns, making it an easy day trip from the city. Found in the northern part of Wooroonooran National Park, in the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area of Queensland, it's just a 30-minute drive south of downtown Cairns. The best way to reach the mountain from Cairns is by renting a car or a campervan and driving down here. Or you can stop by Walshs Pyramid on this Northern Experience Eco Tour from Cairns, though you won't have time to do the hike.  

Sometimes just referred to as "The Pyramid, Cairns", this free-standing mountain gets its name because it literally looks like a giant, natural pyramid. It's an iconic landmark that is surrounded by lush forests, charming small towns, and the rich natural beauty of Tropical North Queensland. 

Driving Cairns

Where Is The Walshs Pyramid Photo Spot?

If you just want to admire the impressive Pyramid without hiking to the summit, head to the popular Walshs Pyramid photo spot. Public transport doesn't go to this random yet photogenic location, so you're best off getting these photos with your rental car or campervan. On the southern side of Walshs Pyramid, drive south down Behana Gorge Road until you reach the Behana Gorge Carpark. This is a pretty quiet, rural road, so drive slowly and admire the quaint scenery. 

Once you reach the car park, you can park, get out of your car, and see Walshs Pyramid towering up behind you! Be mindful of other cars and travellers when you take your photos, but definitely soak in the fantastic views here!

Walshs Pyramid

Walshs Pyramid Hike

If you are an active, adventurous traveller who wants to take on the Walshs Pyramid Hike, get ready for an incredible journey! This hike is challenging, but so worth it for the panoramic views at the top. Many hikers prefer to complete the trek in the early morning and try to arrive at the summit for sunrise! Just remember to have a head torch, plenty of water, and good hiking shoes so you can stay safe and hydrated. Here are some facts about the Walshs Pyramid Hike so you're prepared for the journey.

Walshs Pyramid Hike

How Long Does It Take To Climb Walshs Pyramid?

On average, it takes about 5-6 hours to hike Walshs Pyramid. It's always better to round up for how long you think it will take, especially considering you'll want some time to relax at the top, admire the views, and take photos. 5-6 hours is the general time frame, but super fit hikers may complete the trek in less time. However, the hike is recommended for fit and experienced hikers only, as this is definitely not a hike for beginners. 

walshs pyramid

How Hard Is The Walshs Pyramid Hike?

The Walshs Pyramid hike is rated as Grade 5, meaning it is quite steep and difficult. At 6km return, you'll be hiking up and down via the same path. It is recommended for experienced hikers, as the track is rocky and strenuous. There isn't much shade as well, so make sure you bring a hat and wear sunscreen. The trail and lookout also don't have any facilities or railings, so just hike with caution. If you're active and have hiked before, you'll love this challenge! It is a great hike with a spectacular view from the top, so prepare for an epic and sweaty day!


Other Attractions Near Walshs Pyramid

Walshs Pyramid is only 30 minutes from Cairns, and it's located near the Atherton Tablelands as well. In this gorgeous corner of Queensland you can swim in waterfalls, paddleboard in a volcanic crater, go platypus-spotting, and enjoy peaceful rural towns. Whether you're road-tripping on your own or joining a guided tour, you'll have a blast exploring this magical part of Australia!

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