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Lake Eacham in the Atherton Tablelands

Lake Eacham is one of Australia's well known volcanic lakes, located in Northern Queensland, located about 70km away from Cairns. It is a hot spot for locals and tourists alike and is known for it's pristine waters and amazing swimming. It was formed over 12,000 years ago by molten magma and is found in the Atherton Tablelands, which is home to many lakes, waterfalls and forests. Many millennia ago, magma rose from the centre of the earth and caused the existing water table to heat up and steam and become trapped in the earth. Eventually the pressure built up until it was so high it resulted in an explosion. The explosion, as we know it now, resulted in Lake Eacham. 

The lake is an ideal swimming place with crystal clear waters, steady temperatures and an amazing location. It's 60 metres deep at its deepest part and has several native species living in the lake, making it not only a good place to swim, but also a good place to explore. Several tours in the area visit Lake Eacham, where guests can swim in the cool waters or sunbathe on the shore, taking in the opportunity to visit one of Australia's most unique lakes. The lake has a pontoon and parking area, making it easily accessible and a great place to spend the day.

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