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What Are The Millaa Millaa Falls?

Millaa Millaa Falls are one of the most famous waterfalls in Northern Queensland, and certainly the most famous in the Atherton Tablelands. They are part a group of waterfalls in the area, of which Zillie, Ellinjaa, Pepina and Mungalli waterfalls also belong, and have hundreds of visitors daily. Millaa Millaa are the most photographed waterfalls in Australia, known for their beauty and stunning surroundings. The waterfall stands 18.3 metres tall and those brave enough to swim in the cool waters can actually climb up behind the falls for a whole new point of view of the falls and surrounding rainforest.

While the may be famous on their own, their claim to pop-culture fame is owed for a Herbal Essences commercial, which was filmed in the falls. While visiting, you are sure to see someone trying to infamous water hair-flip!

Millaa Millaa is best after a rainfall when the creek is full of water rushing down from above. While the water maybe be chilly, it is certainly worth taking a dip! Keep an eye out for turtles in the creek, platypus at dusk, and the famous blue Ulysses butterfly above - Millaa Millaa is full of beauty at every turn.

Many tours visit the falls during day trips to go for a dip, snap some photographs or have a picnic. There is a car park as well as bathroom facilities with a place to change your clothes if you do decide to go for a dip yourself. If you’re self driving, you can reach the falls by heading south of the town of Millaa Millaa and turning left onto Theresa Creek Road, where the falls are located about 1km in.

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