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What Is Sea Walking?

Sea walking is the coolest new way to explore the sea with little to no experience spending time under the sea. The concept allows you to walk on the seafloor while you feel relaxed and at ease with your surroundings as you breathe normally.

With a uniquely designed helmet and gear you can essentially dive to the ocean floor without any of the bulky dive gear or regulator. This also allows those who are not certified to scuba dive to have a similar experience of seeing the ocean from below! Adventurers get to wear a helmet that is fed fresh air from the surface so they can be anxiety free as they explore the beautiful marine life around them.

There are still some technical aspects to seawalking, including equalizing, as you have to do in scuba diving. All that means is that you have to equalize the pressure in your ears by reaching up into your helmet to plug your nose and softly depressurize by blowing (much like you do in a plane when your ears feel like they need to pop). It's easy to do since the bottom of your helmet is open (the water stays out from the pressure). The good part is that since you are wearing a helmet and no messy snorkel gear, you can still wear eye glasses and breathe normally like you would above water. And for those who can't swim, no worries, you don't even need to, since you're walking!

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