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Cairns Swimming Lagoon

Situated on the Cairns Esplanade is a pristine swimming lagoon, perfect for the whole family, free of charge, and open to everyone. It is home to the iconic Woven Fish of Cairns, which are often photographed and have become a beacon for those looking to explore the beautiful tropical city. They sit in the middle of the Lagoon, often surrounded by playing children and relaxed tourists, who have come to enjoy this icon of Cairns for themselves.

It is 4800sq metres of fun where you can swim, relax and enjoy the tropical heat. The Lagoon, also known as known as the Cairns Esplanade Swimming Lagoon, stretches along the shorefront of Cairns with the ocean on one side and the heart of Cairns on the other.

A favourite to both locals and tourists, the filtered salt water lagoon is a great place to take the whole family for a day of fun and swimming in the sun. It even has sand for making sandcastles and getting the whole ‘at the beach’ feeling without having to drive to the beach itself (Cairns has more mudflats than sandy beaches). The water ranges from 81 - 152 centimetres (32 inches - 5 feet) creating a perfect environment to learn how to swim, relax in the shallows or even to do some laps. There are 12 BBQ areas, plenty of shade as well as restaurants nearby, making it easy to spend your day here enjoying everything Cairns has to offer. Known as a year-round tropical oasis that provides a safe environment to swim and enjoy the outdoors without worry of stingers, crocodiles or other marine hazards, it’s a source of pride for the city of Cairns.

The Lagoon opened in 2003 and is complete with amenities, with lockers, toilets and showers available for use and is wheelchair accessible at the southern end, meaning you can include the whole family (just ask the staff, they are happy to help). During opening hours (6am-9pm with the exceptions of Wednesday mornings when it is closed until noon for cleaning) they have a lifeguard on duty to make it not only a fun place to hang out, but a safe place for the whole family. You can take the kids along, or join your friends for a BBQ before going for a swim - the Lagoon is a cool and welcome escape from the tropical Cairns heat, complete with stunning views of Trinity Inlet.

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