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Skypark Cairns by AJ Hackett - Giant Swing

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Departure Times

Departs: 10:00am - Daily
Returns: - Daily

Pricing Options

$99 AUD / Person - Adult (15+) (Between: 01 Dec 2023 and 31 Mar 2024)
$69 AUD / Person - Child (14 and under) (Between: 01 Dec 2023 and 31 Mar 2024)
$66 AUD / Person - Family (2A+1C or 1A+2C) ($198 Total) (Between: 01 Dec 2023 and 31 Mar 2024)
$89 AUD / Person - Student (Between: 01 Dec 2023 and 31 Mar 2024)
$259 AUD / Person - Skypark Adventure Pass (Bungy and Swing) (Between: 01 Dec 2023 and 31 Mar 2024)

Skypark Cairns by AJ Hackett's Giant Swing puts you in the swing of things!

  • This adventure sport was created to allow 1, 2 or 3 people to experience extreme speed!
  • Reach speeds of up to 120kmh
  • Accelerate through the rainforest from 45 metres down to 1 metre in 3.5 seconds!
  • A unique experience and a must do!
  • Same site as bungy - do both in one day!

Skypark Cairns by AJ Hackett's Giant Swing is a quick way to travel through the dense tropical rainforest and the mountains of Cairns. Along the way, you will be immersed within the trees and natural waterfall flowing into the pond onsite at the lush oasis. This is perfect way to kick back and relax after getting your thrills jumping from the tower. But it won't be the Swing Master which will set you off on your jump - it will be you who pulls the self release. So when you're ready, take the plunge!

Two guys on the Giant Swing

Highlights and Features

  • Door to door transfers from all accommodation in Cairns and Northern Beaches
  • Giant Swing photos and full HD GoPro footage
  • Giant Swing certificate
  • AJ Hackett International membership card - 20% discount worldwide
  • Food and bar on site
  • The only Giant Swing in Australia
  • Go from zero to quick with the Giant Swing!

Three friends on the Giant Swing

Important information

  • No minimum age applies
  • Minimum solo weight 55kg
  • Maximum weight per person is 150kg
  • Maximum combined weight 240kg (2 or 3 persons)
  • Please note child's prices are for ages 14 and under
  • Students MUST valid student photo ID at check-in, along with travel voucher, otherwise rate difference will be collected. Valid for all international and Australian students

You need to inform us of:

  • High Blood Pressure, Heart Conditions, Diabetes, Pregnancy, Epilepsy, Dislocations, Neurological Disorders, Vertigo. Please note - this list is NOT exhaustive.
  • There aren't many restrictions - we can swing people in wheelchairs, with limited or no eyesight and many other cases - just call us to discuss further.

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What To Bring

  • Closed in shoes
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Cash or card for any extra purchases

What's Included

  • Door-to-door transfers from all Cairns and Northern Beaches accommodation
  • 1 x Giant Swing
  • Giant Swing certificate
  • AJ Hackett International membership card - 20% discount worldwide

What's Extra

  • Photos and videos
  • Students MUST present a valid student photo ID at check-in, along with travel voucher, otherwise rate difference will be co...

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What To Bring

  • Closed in shoes
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Cash or card for any extra purchases

What's Included

  • Door-to-door transfers from all Cairns and Northern Beaches accommodation
  • 1 x Giant Swing
  • Giant Swing certificate
  • AJ Hackett International membership card - 20% discount worldwide

What's Extra

  • Photos and videos
  • Students MUST present a valid student photo ID at check-in, along with travel voucher, otherwise rate difference will be collected. Valid for all international and Australian students
  • Every customer is allowed to bring one spectator per person doing an activity on bus eg. 1x Jumper can bring 1x spectator FOC Transfers are FREE therefore self driving doesn't change the price 
  • $20 lunch special for those with a Skypark Adventure Pass

Terms and Conditions

  • Students MUST present a valid student photo ID at check-in, along with travel voucher, otherwise rate difference will be collected. Valid for all international and Australian students

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Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is it?

SAFE. The Giant Swing has been operating for over 10 years and has been designed to make sure at all times there are a minimum of 2 independent points of attachment.

What speeds do you travel at?

There is the potential to reach speeds of up to 120kph in 3.5 seconds. This Swing really gets you flying.

Can I swing with a friend?

Yep, and we encourage you to swing with 1 or 2 friends (3 in total) and the more combined weight you have, the faster you fly.

You can swing with 3 adults; 2 adults, 1 child; 1 adult, 2 children; or 3 children

How does it all work?

Swingers are fitted into hang-gliding style harnesses and lie horizontally. They are winched up to the release point, where once instructed to do so, you pull a quick-release cord and soar through the rainforest. The Swing is complete once returned to the initial starting point.

Can you swing and bungy in one day?

Of course you can. As they're both located at the Cairns site, it's a rarity for people to not do them both in one day.

Are there any restrictions to swing?

Only a few restrictions apply to the Swing - of course if you have any medical condition you are concerned about - call us and have a chat with one of our crew - always happy to answer your questions.

  • Minimum solo weight is 55kg
  • Maximum combined weight is 240kg (2 or 3 persons)


Overall Rating

5.0 / 5.0

Based on 5 reviews

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Reviews by our Cairns Tours customers

Robin Cook, 28 May 22
So much fun! Not as scary as the bungee and it's great that you can do it with friends. I love that you pull the release cord yourself.
Paul Garrett, 02 May 22
I'd never heard of one of these but it was class. Pulling the cord I thought I was going to swing forward not just drop straight down before swinging so scared me to death for a second. Proper good.
James Hamil, 13 Feb 22
A real good time and not as scary as the bungy
Mike Newall, 03 Jan 22
Honestly even more exciting than the bungee!
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